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In Nagpur, Maharashtra, an 11-year-old girl is suspected of being the victim of a month-long gang rape by nine persons, according to police, who also said that all the suspects had been taken into custody.

The alleged gang rape was discovered after one of the accused was taken into custody in connection with a murder investigation, according to police. It is believed to have occurred between mid-June and mid-July in Umred town, around 60 kilometres outside the city.

According to Sanjay Purandare, deputy superintendent of police (DSP), Nagpur rural, Roshan Kargaonkar (29), and his accomplice, Badal Lende (24), were detained on July 25 at the Akola train station for allegedly killing Shubham Damdu (25), who had been missing for two days.

Police discovered information regarding the alleged group rape while looking into the murder case and his prior criminal behaviour.

Kargaonkar, who lives close to the home of the survivor, visited her on June 19 and requested her companionship as he went to his home. When the accused visited the girl's home, the girl's labourer parents were gone at work, according to Purandare.