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A plan to allocate 72 apartments in one of the three buildings of a housing project in Nagpur for members of the LGBT community has been largely approved by the Maharashtra government.

Babasaheb Deshmukh, assistant commissioner for the social welfare department, reported that 49 applications had been submitted for the apartments, which feature one bedroom and all modern conveniences. He noted that this was the first attempt of its kind to build a community place.

According to Deshmukh, it might be challenging for LGBT persons to rent or buy a home. He continued by saying that due to the societal shame associated with their identification, they are frequently compelled to live in slums. "...the plan will enable them to live honourably.

According to social welfare commissioner Prashant Narnawre, the plan came into being when the community requested that the government take into account creating specialised housing colonies where they could live and even launch enterprises.