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Early on Wednesday morning, a passenger train's bogie collided with a cargo train at Gondia, around 175 kilometres from Nagpur, injuring at least 25 passengers.

According to sources, the disaster happened around 2:30 am since the signal wasn't received.

According to Santosh Kumar, SE Central Railway's principal public relations officer, this tragedy occurred when two trains arrived on the same track at the same time. The Bilaspur-bound passenger train, the Bhagat Ki Kothi Express, departed for the front after receiving the green signal. On the same route, a goods railway was also travelling in the way of Nagpur. The Jodhpur-bound Bhagat Ki Kothi Express train was struck from behind by the freight train because there was an improper signal at the railway gate near Gondia.

The impact of the freight train caused one of the Bhagat Ki Kothi's bogies to derrail. The government-run medical college and hospital in Gondia received all the injured, the majority of whom were later released after receiving treatment.