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The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) plans to build 230 EV charging stations as part of the goals of the Federal and State governments to reduce carbon emissions and promote the usage of electric vehicles.

In addition, a Friday official announcement stated that the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority would build additional 100 stations inside its boundaries.

The Telangana State Renewable Energy Development Corporation (TSREDCO), a nodal body of the State, and the GHMC reached an agreement to establish the charging stations at various locations throughout the city.

"GHMC proposed 230 places for the installation of electric car charging stations, and HMDA submitted 100 locations to (TSREDCO). Both high-speed charging stations with a DC-001(15KW) capacity and low charging stations with C (122-150 KW) capacity are available at each location. According to the statement, these charging stations will be installed at sites that are practical, and the oil companies will also build charging stations at convenient locations.

The installation of the charging stations will be done in accordance with the survey results and the civic body's suggested placements.

According to the statement, TSREDCO made the decision to open 14 centres as an experiment to assess the money they would provide.

A few days ago, MG Motor India announced that as part of its ambitions to install more such charging stations in the capital of Rajasthan, it has officially opened the first two residential community SMART electric car chargers in Jaipur.

According to a release, the automaker will deploy 1,000 AC fast chargers at residential locations across India in 1,000 days as part of its MG Charge campaign.

According to MG Motor, the company is developing the nation's EV charging infrastructure and making strategic efforts to promote green mobility.

It offers a six-way charging ecosystem that includes a plug-and-charge cable on the vehicle, AC fast chargers (placed at the customer's house or workplace), DC superfast chargers at MG dealerships, a public charging network, charge-on-the-go with RSA (Roadside Assistance), and community charger.