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Crocodiles have been seen invading residential areas in Vadodara as a result of the flood-like conditions brought on by severe rainfall in various places of Gujarat. Over 250 crocodiles call the Vishwamitri River home, and residents of high-rise buildings close to the river's bank have complained about the reptiles breaking into their residences. According to news agency ANI, the wildlife department has sent out teams to capture these crocodiles.

Crocodiles looking for shelter end up in stormwater drains and underground drainage systems when the river floods following periods of high rainfall. They go through the drainage systems undetected for several kilometres until the inhabitants start to fear them. Crocodiles have been known to bite or drag humans who had to go outside in the past.

Conflict between humans and crocodiles results from the crocodiles being compelled to move closer to human settlements as river banks continue to diminish, especially during the monsoon season. They frequently require rescue after becoming trapped in rainwater drain covers.