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An IndiGo flight from Jorhat, Assam, to Kolkata was cancelled at midnight on Thursday when one of the aircraft's wheels went off the runway as it was taxiing for takeoff, according to officials on Friday.

On Thursday about 2:00 p.m., flight 6E-757 was scheduled to take off, however as it approached the runway, one of its main wheels rolled over some surrounding grass. All 98 passengers got off the plane after the captain brought it to a stop.

"IndiGo flight 6E-757, which travels from Jorhat to Kolkata, made a return to the harbour after takeoff. The pilot was informed that one of the main wheels had partially crossed the grass next to the taxiway while taxiing away, the airline stated in a statement.

"There was no significant incident, and neither the crew nor the passengers were hurt. The flight was first delayed, but it was cancelled about midnight after airline authorities discovered a minor issue, according to Krishna Kumar, director of Jorhat airport for the Airport Authority of India (AAI).