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On Thursday, Gujarat's election-bound Sabarkantha district saw the laying of the cornerstone for several projects totaling more than 1,000 crore. This was done by PM.

The dairy belongs to the Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), which manufactures and sells a wide variety of dairy goods under the Amul brand.

The prime minister told the audience that policies like increasing the amount of ethanol in gasoline are giving farmers new opportunities.

Less than 40 crore litres of ethanol were blended throughout the nation up till 2014. It now stands at almost 400 billion litres. Through a targeted drive over the past two years, our government has also given Kisan credit cards to more than three crore farmers, Modi remarked.

The projects presented on Thursday would empower local farmers and milk producers and raise their income, the prime minister added, bolstering the rural economy in the area.