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According to those with knowledge of the situation, the long-awaited arrival of cheetahs to Madhya Pradesh's Kuno National Park is anticipated for August 13. Between four and eight cheetahs are projected to come in the first batch of quarantined animals, which now numbers twelve in South Africa and eight in Namibia.

The greatest transcontinental animal relocation in history, the translocation takes place 70 years after Chhattisgarh, India, documented the killing of the last Indian cheetah in 1952.

A Supreme Court-ordered expert group chose the park in January 2021 as the habitat for the African cheetah. The park was originally designed to be the second home for Asiatic lions in India after Gir.

Forest officials in Madhya Pradesh stated that they have been notified that it is possible for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to visit Kuno National Park on August 13.