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According to a statement from an IIT-M official, 131 start-ups and 14 international firms have extended offers to 80 percent of the enrolled for placement students.

The maximum compensation being offered is USD 250,000, and their average annual pay is 21.48 lakh, according to the statement. 380 businesses provided a total of 1,199 job offers throughout Phases I and II of campus placements for the academic year 2021–2022.

The 2018–19 academic year saw 1,151 employment offers, which was the previous high.

CS Shankar Ram, the departing IIT Madras placement counsellor, outlined the main elements influencing campus placements and noted that placements reflect a quantifiable result for students at an academic institution. He remarked, "We are delighted that our students performed extraordinarily well in the 2021–22 placements that have resulted in record–high employment offers. This demonstrates the outstanding curriculum preparation and co-curricular experiences our students at IIT Madras have received.