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According to the India Meteorological Department, widespread and heavy rain is predicted to persist over central India for the next two to three days.

Over the northeastern Arabian Sea, as well as the nearby coastal regions of Saurashtra & Kutch and southeast Pakistan, there is a clearly defined area of low pressure.

In the upcoming 12 hours, it is projected to deepen into a depression over the northeast Arabian Sea and its surroundings before moving west-northwestward away from the Indian coast.

Additionally active, the monsoon trough is located south of where it usually is.

Over the next five days, the monsoon trough is anticipated to be active and swing around its typical position.

Currently, the middle troposphere is over central India by an east-west shear zone. The following two days are likely to see it continue.

the off-shore trough that extends at mean sea level from the centre of a clearly defined low pressure area over the northeast Arabian Sea, adjacent coastal regions of Saurashtra and Kutch, and southeast Pakistan, to the Kerala coast.