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Senior health ministry officials announced on Thursday that necessary changes to the Co-WIN dose scheduling system would go into effect the following day, allowing adults who have received Covishield or Covaxin as their primary coronavirus series vaccination to receive Corbevax as their boosters starting on Friday.

According to ministry representatives, states and union territories have also been instructed to establish helpdesks at vaccination facilities to guarantee that persons receiving booster doses are informed about heterologous boosting. For those choosing Corbevax, separate immunisation rooms will also be set up, according to officials.

"A person will have the option of choosing Corbevax or continuing with their primary vaccination for a preventative dosage. Heterologous boosting has now been added as an optional feature rather than a requirement. To enable them to make an informed choice, consumers will, however, be provided with all the information at the vaccine sites, according to a top official in the health ministry.

The source added that it would be up to state governments to decide whether Corbevax would be available at all vaccination centres or only a select number, with further expansion.