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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday honoured the bravery of women and the sacrifices made by freedom fighters as India celebrated 75 years of independence in a stirring speech to the nation. He referred to Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first prime minister, and Mahatma Gandhi in his declaration that he is the first prime minister to address the country from the famous Red Fort who was born after independence. "I committed myself to pursuing Gandhi's ideal of serving the last person... and his desire to empower the last person."

Invoking the slogan "Hail farmers, hail youth innovation," Prime Minister Modi said: "We can't be complacent because of all the successes in 75 years. For India, the next 25 years are essential. India's image in the outside world is evolving.

Additionally, he made "five commitments for the growth of India." According to PM Modi, there will be "five promises for growth (panch prann)," with the first promise being "only big aspirations," the second promise being "no form of slavery," the third promise being "pride in our heritage," the fourth promise being "unity among 130 crore Indians," and the fifth promise being "citizens' duty, which includes PM and chief ministers."