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According to deputy chief minister Devendra Fadnavis, the abandoned boat off the coast of Maharashtra's Raigad belonged to an Australian woman travelling from Muscat to Europe and included a weapons case with three Ak-47 assault rifles and ten boxes of ammunition.

Reporters were told by Fadnavis that "there is no confirmation of any terror angle" and that the Korean navy had saved the passengers in choppy waters in June. After that, he claimed, the boat began to drift toward the coast of Maharashtra, where it is still today.

"The yacht was sailing from Muscat to Europe (beginning on) June 26. The owner is an Australian woman, and the captain is her husband. Boat's captain issued a distress call after being stuck in choppy waters, and the Korean navy saved them and delivered them to Oman's authorities "said the deputy chief minister.

A boat was later discovered today at Harihareshwar beach after it had drifted. Police have been urged to use extreme caution."