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According to requirements of its most recent labelling standards, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), the nation's top food regulator, has given notifications to multiple eateries for failing to list the calorie count next to food items on the menu.

The deadline for adhering to the standards was originally January 1, 2022, however it was later changed to July 1, 2022.

Under the condition of anonymity and while declining to provide any information regarding the substance of the notice, a senior government official familiar with the situation said, "It is a compliance issue; several of them have yet to make the appropriate changes."

In accordance with the regulations, the food regulator even has the authority to revoke an eatery's licence for noncompliance.

New food packaging and labelling regulations were announced by the food regulator in November 2020. As a result, all restaurants with central licences or chains with 10 or more locations are required to clearly display the calorie count per serving size of each food item on their menu cards, boards, and booklets.