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Conrad K. Sangma, the chief minister of Meghalaya, unveiled the MRSSA's web portal on Thursday in Shillong, the state capital, in the company of Lahkmen Rymbui, the minister of the interior.

According to the chief minister, the digital system would not only guarantee the protection and safety of the locals, but it will also serve as a reliable way for authorities to gather intelligence. In particular in crucial sectors like health care, it will benefit monitoring and improved implementation of other government services and programmes, he noted.

More than 6,000 villages in the state will be connected to the internet system through the digitisation process.

Shillong's seven communities of Nongrim Hills, Lapalang, Nongmynsong, Nongrah, Pohkseh, Riat Laban, and Wahdienglieng are the first to receive the web-based system.

Sangma praised the headmen of the various areas for their cooperation with the administration and urged them to continue working with the government to ensure the program's success.