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After leaving the Congress last month, veteran politician Ghulam Nabi Azad is currently engaged in a new political endeavour. He claims that the number of individuals supporting him has increased since his departure from the grand old party. A few weeks after declaring that he would be launching a new political party, the 73-year-old leader has been having a number of open meetings.

He stated that he "met over 400 persons from delegations of 30-35 assembly constituencies in Jammu" in a statement to the news agency ANI on Saturday. Azad declared, "I can fairly claim that four times more people have come to my support than to the sessions I held in Congress," adding, "They provided their support... and they will be a part of whatever party I form."

The former union minister, who has also held the office of chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir, left the Congress last month in a very contentious fashion. His departure dealt the party, which had been working to turn around its political fortunes, a devastating blow.