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Making tactical substitutions is an option in a number of team sports, including rugby, basketball, and football. It's time for cricket to learn a few rules from them. The Big Bash League (BBL) of Australia was the first league to use the idea in competitive sports.

The objective of an impact player is to permit one substitute player per team to participate more actively in a match, according to the BCCI paper that was made public. This would give the game a new tactical or strategic component.

So, this is how the concept functions.

1. Prior to the coin toss, each team must name their starting XI and four substitution players. Each of those subs can only be utilised once as an Impact Player.

2. Only one Impact Player from each team may be used throughout a game, and the substitution is optional. If a team chooses to use this card, the Impact Player must be presented before to the 14th over of an innings, and the captain, head coach, or team manager must inform the fourth or on-field umpire of this before the completion of the current over. An Impact Player can be inserted for a batting team either at the fall of a wicket or during the innings break.

3. The person the Impact Player replaces is no longer allowed to participate in the game.