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A police officer said on Saturday that the Mizoram police on Friday in Khawzawl district in the northeastern part of the state, retrieved three animals of exotic wildlife species believed to have been trafficked from Myanmar.

He said that the Champhai town residents Vanlalrosiama (25) and C. Liankunga (52) were in possession of two spider monkeys (a female with a young) and an Indri lemur when the Khawzawl police stopped a car at the Tuisenphai check gate.

According to him, it is believed that the exotic species were smuggled out of Myanmar.

The central custom preventative force in Champhai received both the rescued wild animals and the trucks used to transport them, the officer noted.

The state police, he claimed, is working extremely hard to stop the smuggling of wildlife species as well as other illegal goods like heroin and Burmese areca nuts.

A sizable shipment of exotic animals (468 animals) was captured by the state police in May in the Champhai area close to the Myanmar border.

For possessing the cargo, which also comprised 4 tortoises, 11 snakes, 442 lizards, 4 toed sloths, 2 beavers, 4 pattos, and 1 wild cat, 5 people were detained.