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At the Safdarjung Hospital in New Delhi, a 39-year-old man from Farrukabad, Uttar Pradesh, had India's first robotic kidney transplant surgery in a government hospital. The man had been receiving dialysis as he awaited a transplant for years. His wife, who is 34, gave the kidney. After the surgery on Wednesday, both the recipient and donor were doing well.

The surgery was performed through a keyhole rather than a lengthy incision of 10 to 12 cm, which increases the risk of infection, hernia, and other complications, according to Anup Kumar, the surgeon in charge. "It aids in handling challenging cases. Only approximately four hospitals in the private sector also use robotic surgery, and this is the first such procedure to be performed in a government hospital in the nation, according to Kumar.

In the history of Safdarjung Hospital, Kumar referred to the operation as a turning point. It calls for exceptional proficiency in both robotic surgery and kidney transplant surgery. We will choose patients on a case-by-case basis because not all patients are suited for minimally invasive surgery.