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The Supreme Court declared on Thursday in a landmark decision that all women, married or unmarried, have the right to seek an abortion of their pregnancy during the term of 20 to 14 weeks, even if the pregnancy results from a consensual relationship. According to the Supreme Court's interpretation of the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, an unmarried woman can have an abortion up to 24 weeks along with married women because the distinction between the two can't be upheld.

According to the Supreme Court, rape can be the result of a wife's sexual assault on her husband, and for the purposes of abortion, rape must include marital rape as defined by the MTP Act and Rules.

The decisions were made as the Supreme Court was set to rule today on whether an unmarried woman can obtain an abortion of a pregnancy that is 20–24 weeks gestational length in a consensual relationship.

The MTP act's interpretation, according to Justice DY Chandrachud, must take societal realities into account. Laws must not be static in order to promote the cause since social mores vary and develop as society does.