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Farmers and analysts stated that widespread heavy rainfall has delayed harvesting and harmed matured summer-sown crops like rice, coarse cereals or millets, soyabean, pulses, cotton, and horticulture products, which could drive up food prices.

Continuous rains in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, and Punjab have inundated fields and sopped standing crops, causing grain loss. Farmers are struggling to save their produce.

A moist trough that extended from Gujarat's coast into the northern and central Indian states has pounded the northern states with unusually heavy rains over the previous two weeks. The June-September monsoon's retreat has been dragged out by the recent wet weather.

According to Harshit Goel, a representative of the state's revenue department, persistent rains have caused significant damage to bajra or pearl millet, a coarse cereal, and delayed the sowing of potatoes in at least 30 districts of Uttar Pradesh.