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Ernest Mawrie, the party's state unit president, announced on Wednesday that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will run candidates for all 60 seats in the Meghalaya assembly elections, which are scheduled for February of next year.

Because "the people are quite delighted with the programmes being implemented by the BJP-led Central government," Mawrie predicted that the party will perform well in the state polls.

"A door-to-door campaign will be run to spread the word about how crucial it is to support the BJP in the upcoming elections. The difficulties faced by teachers, job openings in government, inconsistencies in the way that federal programmes are carried out, and assistance provided to state governments will all be major topics of discussion during the elections, he said.

In addition, Mawrie said, "a wide awareness will be developed against central welfare initiatives whose titles have been changed by the State administration for its own political mileage." Mawrie insisted that Meghalaya can only progress quickly if the BJP is elected to power.

The 55 mandal committee meetings, which were held back-to-back, marked the beginning of the party's pre-election campaign. The goal is to establish committees at the booth level to research future election candidates.