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The Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD) has caused up to 2,070 cow deaths in Karnataka, and around 19,000 animals are infected, according to the state government's announcement on Friday.

The release of $13 million has been ordered by the chief minister Basavaraj Bommai for the treatment and immunisation of cattle suffering from this viral disease as well as to help those who lost their animals as a result.

According to a government statement, he directed officials to step up the immunisation campaign, particularly in the regions of Haveri and Kolar where the frequency is high.

It further stated that the compensation for those who lost cattle had already been released in the amount of Rs. 2 crore.

The statement read, "An additional 5 crore would be allocated for the treatment of unhealthy cattle and 8 crore for immunising them."

According to the chief minister, up to 657,000 cattle have received vaccinations.

Even healthy cattle within a five-kilometer radius of where this disease has been detected must receive vaccinations, according to the Center's instructions.