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The high court in London dismissed Nirav Modi's appeal against his extradition to India on Wednesday, finding that doing so was neither burdensome nor unreasonable.

Modi may still appeal to the Supreme Court or the European Court of Human Rights with the high court's approval, but typically, the stakes must be far higher for either court to intervene and overturn the high court's decision, according to legal experts in the UK.

The diamantaire has 14 days to file an appeal with the UK Supreme Court against the ruling of the high court.

Zulfiquar Memon, who represents Modi and is currently in London, was not reachable when HT attempted to get in touch with him for comment. After carefully debating Modi's mental state, the high court panel of Lord Justice Jeremy Stuart-Smith and Justice Robert Jay affirmed the lower court's decision to extradite him to India. Indian authorities are now worried about whether Modi, like Vijay Mallya, has applied for refuge with the UK home office. If so, he won't be expelled from England until the UK home secretary makes a final decision.