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Up to eight bodies—four of which are still unaccounted for—were found on Tuesday morning following the collapse of a stone quarry in south Mizoram's Hnahthial district, some 160 kilometres from the state's capital Aizawl. At the time the event was originally reported yesterday, it was thought that 10 to 15 individuals might be trapped under the debris.

R. Lalremsanga, deputy commissioner of the Hnahthial district, stated that the identity of the victims had not yet been determined and that we would need to review our records to confirm that.

According to Hnahthial Superintendent of Police (SP) Vineet Kumar, the collapse happened on Monday at around 3 p.m. while ABCI Infrastructure Private Limited workers were working in the quarry in Maudarh village, which is about 43 minutes from Hnahthial town.

In contrast to the other workers, one employee was able to flee, according to Kumar.

Rescue attempts got under way right away, and the NDRF kept an eye on the search operations.

Officials from the Hnahthial district, a medical team, and volunteers from the Young Mizo Association (YMA) from nearby villages all hurried to the scene to help with the rescue effort.