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The angler suffered damage to his eye. According to fisherman representatives who spoke to news agency PTI, the twin incidences have raised many concerns among the fishing community.

An official reported that a fisherman from Tamil Nadu suffered eye injuries after being allegedly attacked by the Sri Lankan Navy, which also detained 14 other fishermen for allegedly violating maritime boundaries. Johnson of Rameswaram, the injured fisherman, claimed that Sri Lankan naval forces attacked him late on Wednesday and injured his eye.

In addition, the Lankan Navy detained 14 fishermen from the state's Nagapattinam district. Their boat had been so taken. The twin incidences, according to fishermen groups, have raised many concerns among the fishing community.

Meanwhile, the Tamil Nadu Fisheries Department has warned fishermen from going out to sea due to the development of low pressure in the Bay of Bengal region, according to news agency ANI. The authorities have also urged people in deep water to return to neighbouring harbours and secure their boats.