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On Friday, the Indian Space Research Organization will launch the nation's first rocket made by a private enterprise. Dr. Jitendra Singh, the Union minister of state (independent charge), for science, technology, atomic energy, and space, announced the news. He added that on Friday at 11.30 a.m. from Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh, the private rocket Vikram-suborbital (VKS) will make its inaugural launch.

According to Singh, who will be present for the launch of VKS, this is also significant in strengthening the involvement of private actors in the space sector or the nation.

The VKS rocket, a single-stage spin-stabilized solid propellant rocket with a mass of roughly 545kg, was designed by Hyderabad-based startup business Skyroot Aerospace Pvt Ltd (SAPL). The rocket flies to a maximum height of 101 kilometres before crashing into the water. The launch only takes 300 seconds to complete.

The majority of the technologies in the Vikram series of orbital class space launch vehicles, including many sub-systems and technologies that will be tested throughout the pre-lift-off and post-lift-off phases of the launch, will be tested and validated by Vikram-S, according to Skyroot Aerospace on Thursday.

The ignition, launcher departure, spin motor ignition, maximum Q, burnout, apogee, and splashdown phases of Vikram-flight S's will take place over a period of 290.97 seconds. A representative for Skyroot Aerospace said, "We are proud of our mission, which is set to further the Prime Minister's goal while also making history for Indian private space.