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Denis Alipov, the Russian Ambassador-designate to India, claimed on Wednesday that the United States is a dictator in velvet gloves who only seeks global notoriety via the pretence of democracy and freedom.

"The US simply seeks worldwide prominence in the pretence of democracy, freedom, and rules-based international order—the very rules it formulates under the cover of consulting partners and friends," Mr Alipov said during a news briefing.

"Those who do not toe the US line become enemies rather than partners. It's almost as though it's black and white. There are no shades of grey, no in-betweens. This is dictatorship with a smile on its face "Added he.

Mr Alipov claimed that Russia is being accused of conducting war while a war has been raging in Ukraine for eight years, stating that Ukrainian military and Russia-haters have been shelling residential areas in Donbas for years.

He also expressed gratitude to India for maintaining an unbiased and neutral stance during the war, assuring Russia's help for the evacuation of Indian people stranded in Ukraine.

"India is a strategic ally of ours. We are appreciative to India for taking a balanced stance in the United Nations. India recognises the gravity of the situation "he stated

The Russian Ambassador-designate, speaking on the impact of Russia's sanctions on its defence deal with India, specifically on the supply of the S-400 missile system, stated, "There are no hurdles in the way of S-400 supply to India, and there are clear routes to keep this deal going. Sanctions, whether old or new, have no bearing on the situation."

Meanwhile, Mr Alipov expressed regret over the death of an Indian national in Kharkiv and promised to investigate the incident.

Notably, the United States has begun to block its airspace to Russian flights. US President Joe Biden also stated that the US is working with its allies to impose tighter sanctions on Russia, focusing on its banks, financial organisations, and key persons.