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A Croatian free-diver has set a world record for the longest underwater walk in one breath (male). The video of the attempt to break the record has been put on Guinness World Records' official YouTube channel (GWS).

Vitomir Maricic, a freediver, is seen completing just over two lengths of the fifty-meter swimming pool (107 meters) in 3 minutes and 6 seconds while holding a barbell plate in his hand. An underwater camera mounted in the pool records his entire trek.

According to GWS, the previous record was held by fellow Croatian freediver Boris Milosic, who walked 96 meters in March 2020.

Maricic did not train for this effort, according to Guinness World Records. "I don't really need to prepare too much for any breath hold record as a professional freediver," he told GWS.

On September 17, 2021, the effort was made at the swimming pool of Thallassotherapia Opatija, a Croatian hospital specializing in the treatment of heart, lung, and rheumatic disorders.

To earn this record, one foot must constantly be in contact with the floor, according to GWS rules.

Maricic has an Instagram account with approximately 80,000 followers. He has a number of recordings of himself freediving in various locations on his YouTube channel.

He also mentioned the GWS record, noting that while moving the record 10 meters farther "wasn't a major task," it fulfilled the objective of "bringing attention" to the sport.

Maricic told GWS that he has a lot of ideas for future record attempts in freediving. "I think I can easily take around 20-ish records," the athlete remarked.

Maricic will compete in and organise all AIDA and CMAS World Championships in 2022, as well as organising and competing in other minor events.