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On Friday, White House announced the appointment, as well as many other significant administrative and diplomatic jobs.

According to the White House, Ms Duggal, a mother of two, is an experienced political activist, women's rights advocate, and human rights crusader.

She served on the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Council as a Presidential Appointee and continues to serve as a Western Regional Advisor.

Ms. Duggal is also a member of Human Rights Watch's San Francisco Committee, a member of Wake Forest University's Leadership and Character Council, and a former member of Emily's List's National Board of Directors.

New York University awarded her an MA in Political Communication. She also attended Miami University and majored in Mass Communication.

Ms Duggal has received various civic honors, including the US Holocaust Memorial Museum's Western Regional Leadership Award, the California State Assembly's Community Hero Award, and the National Diversity Council's list of the Most Powerful Women in California.

She was Joe Biden's National Co-Chair of Women and a Deputy National Finance Chair at Democratic National Committee, according to the White House.

Ms. Duggal was a member of Hillary Clinton's Presidential campaign's Northern California Steering Committee and the Women for Hillary Committee. She was also active in Barack Obama's 2008 Presidential campaign.