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A complaint filed on Friday accuses Google of racial discrimination against Black employees, alleging that the search engine business directs them to lower-level employment, pays them less, and denies them advancement prospects because of their colour. According to a complaint seeking class-action status, Google has a "racially biased company culture" that favours white men, with Black employees accounting for only 4.4 percent of the workforce and around 3% of leadership and technology.

April Curley, the complainant, also claimed that the Alphabet business created a hostile work environment for Black employees by frequently requesting them to present identification or be questioned by security at its Mountain View, California headquarters.

In federal court in San Jose, California, the complaint was filed.

It came after the Department of Fair Employment and Housing, the state's civil rights regulator, began looking into Google's treatment of Black female employees and suspected employment discrimination.

Google hired Curley in 2014 to establish an outreach programme for historically Black colleges, according to Curley.

Supervisors began disparaging her work, categorising her as an "angry" Black woman, and passed her up for promotions, she claimed, proving her hiring to be a "marketing ploy."

"While Google professes to be working to enhance diversity, their Black employees were being undervalued, underpaid, and mistreated," Curley's lawyer Ben Crump said in a statement.

Crump is a civil rights attorney who also represented George Floyd's family when he was slain by former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin in May 2020.

Curley's lawsuit aims to recoup compensatory and punitive damages, as well as lost wages, for present and former Black Google employees, as well as to reinstate them to their proper positions and seniority.

The largest Indian oil company has finalised a deal to import 3-million barrels of Russian crude oil.

According to sources, the Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) has agreed to import 3-million barrels of crude oil from a Russian oil corporation.

According to the sources, it is a business-to-business transaction.

The import agreement with the Russian Oil Company offers India the most favourable terms and conditions currently available on the international market.

While Western countries have imposed sanctions on Russia in reaction to Moscow's attack on Ukraine, including the United States' oil import ban, there are no limitations on Indian oil businesses buying crude oil from Russian oil corporations.

As the United States and other Western nations imposed sanctions on Moscow, Russia began providing India and other significant importers inexpensive oil and other commodities.

More Indian oil businesses are anticipated to sign crude oil import contracts with Russian oil corporations.

This comes as global crude oil prices have raised past $100 per barrel, with benchmark Brent crude hitting multi-year highs near $140 per barrel at one point since Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

India is largely reliant on crude oil imports for over 80% of its energy needs, and it will continue to source it from wherever it can get it at the greatest price.