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The Union home ministry told parliament on Tuesday that it had refused to renew the licenses of 466 non-government organizations (NGOs) under the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act (FCRA) since 2020 because they did not meet the law's eligibility standards. It went on to say that there were 100 refusals in 2020, 341 in 2021, and 25 so far this year.

In December 2021, Oxfam India's application to renew its FCRA license was denied. The refusal has been raised by the United Kingdom with India. The Centre has also removed 5,789 organizations from the FCRA's reach because they failed to renew their licenses, which are required to receive foreign financing.

Following a review of their paperwork, 179 organizations' licenses were revoked for breaking the law. Many of these organizations have applied for renewal of their licenses, according to officials, but decisions are still pending. Last Monday, the administration extended the deadline for deciding on these applications to June 30.

In 2021, there were 341 license renewal refusals, which was the highest number since 2020. Approximately 6,000 organizations have been denied renewals till December 31. "After June 30, the final number of refusals will be revealed," said an official who did not want to be identified.