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Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke with students during the annual 'Pariksha Pe Charcha' on Friday (April 1, 2022), advising them to treat exams as festivities.

"This is my favourite show, however owing to Covid, I was unable to meet you." PM Modi informed the audience at the Talkatora Stadium, "This brings me tremendous joy since I am meeting you after such a long period."

The prime minister also stated that the knowledge gained from exams is beneficial in our personal lives. "Exams are an inevitable part of our lives. Exam experience is useful in our everyday lives "PM Modi addresses the students.

Avoid becoming frightened.

"I urge pupils to avoid a panicked atmosphere during exams." "There's no need to emulate your friends; just keep doing what you're doing with complete confidence, and I'm confident that all of you will be able to deliver the exam in a joyful atmosphere," Prime Minister Modi remarked.

During the exam, students must concentrate on settling their minds.

"When it comes to making crucial judgments, students sometimes have difficulty. Students should make it a habit to go over what they've learned in class with their peers. PM Modi stated, "This will enable them acquire knowledge collectively."

The issue isn't with the medium; it's with the focus.

"Everything that happens offline happens online as well." This indicates that the media is not the issue. "Irrespective of the media, if our mind is plunged into the subject, it makes no difference in absorbing things," PM Modi addressed the crowd at Delhi's Talkatora stadium during 'Pariksha Pe Charcha.'

Parents should not place unreasonable demands on their children.

"Do not impose your unmet ambitions and expectations on your children," Prime Minister Modi advises parents and teachers. "Every child is distinct. Every youngster possesses unique abilities and desires. Make an effort not to place your expectations on them "Added he.

Every child is given something special.

"Parents don't always pay attention to their children's strengths and interests. "We must recognise that every child is endowed with something unique that parents and teachers frequently fail to recognise," PM Modi stated during the 'Pariksha Pe Charcha' session.

Technology should be put to good use.

"Skills are extremely valuable all over the world. Technology is not a curse; it should be utilised to its full potential. Students are now working on 3D printers and Vedic mathematics apps. "They're making good use of technology," the prime minister added.

NEP 2020 has a number of advantages.

"I urge schools, education departments, and instructors to put the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 into action so that our students benefit from it," Modi added.

"Before formulating the National Education Policy, we discussed with teachers and students from all over India for 6-7 years." The prime minister went on to say, "This was made by Indian citizens."

PM Modi used his warm remarks to try to motivate the students during the interaction. "Why are you afraid?" he asked. This isn't the first time you've had to take an exam. You've made it to the final mile. Why are you afraid of drowning on the beach after crossing the entire ocean?"

The Department of School Education and Literacy of the Education Ministry has been organising Pariksha Pe Charcha for the past four years. PPC's first three editions were held in an interactive town-hall format in Delhi. Last year's fourth edition was held online on April 7th.