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Rats allegedly bit a patient at a government hospital in Warangal, Telangana, in a horrifying event. After being treated at a private hospital, the patient was admitted to the MGM hospital's critical care unit (ICU) four days ago.

Since then, the patient, who has been diagnosed with multi-organ failure, has been unconscious. According to a hospital spokesperson, he was put on artificial ventilation and was being treated by doctors.

The state government has suspended the respiratory ICU head of department and reassigned the hospital superintendent as a result of the incident.

Because the drainage system is being repaired, patients and staff believe the ICU is overrun with rats. Rat bites are widespread in the ward, according to patients.

"We believed it was our fate. We don't have a choice except to suffer. However, when the rats bit my relative this time, he was severely bleeding. I objected since the bed was soaked in blood "explained one of the attendants.

The on-duty nurse also warned that rats would cause havoc if they were not watchful for even a few minutes. "We can't do anything since the drainage is being repaired," she explained.

A show-cause letter has also been issued to the sanitation department.