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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has advised central government secretaries to support the private sector in order to boost manufacturing and job creation, and has emphasised that employment should be at the centre of all public and private sector interventions, according to Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gauba.

Mr Gauba wrote to the secretaries, demanding that they "take prompt action" on the Prime Minister's comments made to them at the April 2 meeting.

"It is vital to hand-hold the private sector to give impetus to manufacturing and job creation and enable Indian companies become world leaders," Mr Gauba said, adding that the government should act as a "facilitator" and "catalytic agent" for economic development.

"Decriminalization of minor offences and violations on mission mode," according to the April 4 letter.

"All such clauses must be evaluated and action taken in a timely manner to repeal / alter these laws," the letter added.

The Cabinet Secretary noted that employment should be the focus of government initiatives in both the public and private sectors, emphasising that it should be given "great importance."

The letter states, "Every ministry / department should immediately take steps to fill existing vacancies against sanctioned postings."

"Important challenges should be addressed through a whole-of-government approach," Mr Gauba wrote, categorically declaring that the temptation to work in silos should be "eschewed."