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The party's disciplinary council has given a notice to former Punjab Congress chairman Sunil Jakhar for his apparent criticism of former Chief Minister CS Channi, according to party leaders. Mr. Jakhar will have seven days to react.

Mr Jakhar had faced criticism following a television appearance last week, with Dalit campaigners burning his effigy and a party leader calling for his removal for using "objectionable language" towards the caste.

Mr Jakhar, on the other hand, said that his statement had been misinterpreted and taken out of context.

Mr Jakhar appeared to be obliquely referring to Charanjit Singh Channi, the state's first Dalit Chief Minister, in video snippets of the interview circulating online, and questioned the party leadership's choice. He, on the other hand, did not name anyone.

In the interview, he remarked, "The leadership has to know where to keep everyone in place."

Former Congress MLA Raj Kumar Verka reacted angrily to Mr Jakhar's remark, accusing him of using "objectionable language" against the Dalit community and demanding that he be ejected from the party.

Mr Verka urged Mr Jakhar that he should seek an apology and that the Congress should "kick Jakhar out of the party immediately."

Mr Jakhar was furious, according to Mr Verka, since he was not appointed Chief Minister by the party following Amarinder Singh's unceremonious exit.

In response to Mr Verka's accusation, Mr Jakhar stated that he has always respected all religions and communities.

Mr. Jakhar stated that he has always stood up for the oppressed and raised their voices.

He said that his words had been twisted and taken out of context.

Mr Jakhar, on the other hand, expresses regret if his statement has harmed anyone's feelings.