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Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated today that during his conversation with US President Joe Biden, he offered to feed the globe with India's food stock if the World Trade Organization (WTO) agreed.

Food stocks are diminishing around the world as a result of the war (in Ukraine), according to Prime Minister Modi, who spoke via video link at the Shree Annapurna Dham Trust's dormitory and education complex in Adalaj, Gujarat.

"Today, the globe is in a state of flux, with no one receiving what they want. Petrol, gasoline, and fertilisers are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain as more doors close. After the (Russia-Ukraine) war broke out, everyone wanted to secure their inventories "Prime Minister Modi stated.

"The world is being confronted with a new problem: the world's food supply is rapidly depleting. I was speaking with US President Barack Obama about this subject, and he highlighted it as well. I said that, if the WTO allows it, India is ready to start supplying food stock to the rest of the globe as early as tomorrow "Prime Minister Modi stated.

"We have enough food to feed our own people, but our farmers appear to have made plans to feed the rest of the globe. However, we must adhere to international regulations, so I'm not sure when the WTO will provide clearance and we will be able to feed the globe "Prime Minister Modi stated.