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Security has been beefed up in the C-block of Jahagirpuri in North West Delhi, where conflicts between two communities occurred Saturday evening. Police are also investigating the role of the main defendant and conducting raids.

Ansar and Aslam, the main suspects in the Jahangirpuri violence, were taken into jail by Delhi Police today. Police have begun interviewing them in order to learn more about what caused the fights. The Ministry of Home Affairs has received a full report from the police. Arrests have been made, and teams have been formed to examine the matter, according to the report. It also contains information on the permissions granted and denied to procession parties, as well as information on juveniles apprehended.

Police are looking for Ansar's call records to see if he planned the fights or acted on someone's orders.

During the investigation, the identity of a history sheeter who reportedly provided the rifle to Aslam has come up.

The individual who fired a gun during the fighting was captured last night by police. He lives in Jahangirpuri's C block and will be taken to court today. The cops are attempting to take him into custody.

The criminal branch's 20 teams are evaluating video evidence in the hopes of apprehending those who were involved in the fights.

A woman and two toddlers were among the 24 individuals arrested by Delhi Police. All of the suspects are being sought, according to Delhi Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana. "A total of 23 persons have been detained. They come from both sides of the fence. Any person found guilty will face consequences, regardless of their class, creed, community, or religion "He informed reporters about it the day before yesterday.

The police have separated the violence-affected area into five sectors for security reasons. These sectors have each been given one Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police level officer. There is a large police presence in the area.

Sonu Chikna AKA Younus, an accused who was recorded on camera firing rounds during the Saturday conflict but had been AWOL since, was detained by the police yesterday. When a police squad searching for Sonu attempted to question his family this morning, trouble ensued in the vicinity. Sonu Chikna's family and neighbours pelted stones at the team when they arrived at his house. Additional Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF) have been dispatched in response to the stone-pelting incident.

During the Hanuman Jayanti march, nine individuals were hurt, including eight police officers and a civilian.

According to the police, members of the Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) and the Bajrang Dal were charged with taking out the parade without permission. A VHP activist, Prem Sharma, has joined the investigation.