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Following adverse weather conditions, the SpiceJet Boeing B737 aircraft, flying from Mumbai to Durgapur, met severe turbulence during descent on Sunday, injuring at least 14 passengers and three cabin crew members.

However, the plane landed safely in West Bengal's Durgapur airport, and the injured were transported to the hospital by airline personnel for treatment.

When the plane began to sway, passengers' possessions were scattered on the floor, and an air hostess attempted to calm and reassure the passengers.

"We're dispatching teams for regulatory investigation, and medical reports from the injured passengers are pending," the statement continued.

SpiceJet, on the other hand, has expressed apologies for the event.

"On May 1, a SpiceJet Boeing B737 aircraft flying from Mumbai to Durgapur experienced extreme turbulence during descent, resulting in the injury of a few passengers. Upon the aircraft's arrival in Durgapur, immediate medical help was offered "SpiceJet's representative confirmed this.

Their masks slipped off amid mid-flight turbulence, according to one passenger, and cabin bags landed on many of them, causing head injuries.

"There were three jerks in the fall. It was significantly more intense than driving a car "Another passenger added something to the conversation.

A regulatory investigation into the incident has been ordered, according to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

According to the DGCA, "several of the passengers required stitches for head injuries, and one passenger claimed to have had a spinal injury as a result of the accident."