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A pregnant woman was abducted and allegedly gang-raped outside the railway station in Andhra Pradesh's Bapatla district while waiting to board an evening train with her husband and three children. The woman's husband, who had been severely beaten, attempted to raise an alert and enlist the assistance of the railway police, but was unsuccessful.

The victim is being treated in the hospital, and all three suspects have been apprehended, including a minor.

The incident occurred during the night between Saturday and Sunday, when the family was relocating from Guntur to Krishna in search of work. The family hails from the Prakasam area of Tamil Nadu.

The family of five was sleeping on benches in the station on Saturday night when the three men woke them up. The drunken guys then attacked the husband, and when his wife interfered, they pulled her away from the station in Repalle, around 80 kilometres from the state capital Amravati.

The spouse managed to flee and sought assistance from the railway police, but no official could be seen at the station.

The woman was later discovered in the surrounding bushes. She was sent to the hospital for a medical checkup and treatment.

The horrifying occurrence occurs at a time when the government is promoting the Disha scheme, which aims to enhance the safety and security of women in Andhra Pradesh by expediting investigations, trials, and convictions.