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Following the previous night's violence over a dispute over flags in the Jalori Gate area ahead of Eid, new clashes erupted between two communities in Rajasthan's Jodhpur on Tuesday, police said.

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On Tuesday, stone-throwing and other forms of violence were recorded at five different locations before police used force to bring the situation under control. The surroundings, on the other hand, are still tense.

To prevent rumours from spreading, internet services have been blocked in Jodhpur, and the Eid namaz has been offered under police protection.

In Jodhpur, a three-day Parshuram Jayanti festival is underway, and religious flags raised by both communities sparked a major debate that escalated into fights.

On Monday night, police used tear gas and sticks to disperse a crowd that had also attacked a local police station. At least four police officers were hurt in the early hours of Tuesday, according to the news agency PTI.

"The stone-throwing resulted in the injuries of four police officers. To keep the situation under control, a large police force was deployed in the region "The agency was informed by a police control room officer.

Jodhpur's Chief Minister, Ashok Gehlot, appealed to the people to keep the peace. To discuss the situation, he convened a high-level meeting.

In a tweet, he added, "While honouring Jodhpur's history of love and brotherhood, I make a poignant appeal to all parties to maintain peace and collaborate in restoring law and order."

The riots are the most recent in a wave of communal violence and hostility that has swept the country, fueled in part by hate-filled comments from religious and political figures.

As India marked Ram Navami, Hanuman Jayanti, and Ramadan, such conflicts occurred in at least five states: Delhi, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, and West Bengal.

The opposition, civic society, and activists have criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi's silence on the rising tensions and the government's efforts to quell the unrest.