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The fatal event in Aurangabad in 2020 has brought back memories in Haryana. The migrant workers sleeping on the roadside were crushed this time by the truck. At least three persons were murdered, while another 12 were injured. The event occurred on Thursday morning in the Haryana town of Jhajjar.

In the Bahadurganj neighbourhood of Jhajjar, Haryana, 18 migrant labourers were sleeping on the roadside near a toll plaza. A truck lost control and smashed them on Thursday morning before speeding away. Three persons were killed instantly. A total of 12 persons were hurt. They were rescued and sent to the hospital, according to local sources. Ten of the injured are in critical condition. After the accident, the truck driver fled the scene.

The number was given to the car's owner by the police. In the truck, he added, there were two drivers and one helper. A manhunt has been begun for them by the Haryana police.

The migrant labourers had gone to build a local bridge, according to police (Haryana Police) sources. They came to work in Haryana from two areas in Uttar Pradesh, though no one has been identified individually. The migrant workers barricaded the area before resting on the side of the road at night. They had surrounded the roadside area. That, too, was not the end. The migrant workers were crushed as the irresponsible truck smashed through the barricades. The cause of the accident is yet unknown. According to a police spokesman, the event occurred when the truck lost control. It will be investigated whether the truck driver was inebriated or fell asleep behind the wheel.