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On Thursday, Union Minister for Railways, Communications, Electronics, and Information Technology Ashwini Vaishnaw made the first 5G call using indigenously created technology on a testing network built up at IIT Madras. Vaishnaw took to Twitter to say, "At IIT Madras, Aatmanirbhar 5G successfully tested a 5G call. India designed and constructed the complete network from start to finish. This is a manifestation of the Prime Minister's vision. His ambition is for India to build and manufacture its own 4G and 5G technology stack for the rest of the globe. With this new technology stack, we must win the globe "During the video conversation, Vaishnaw was heard saying. Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a 5G Test Bed on Tuesday, which was built as a multi-institute collaboration effort including eight institutions led by IIT Madras .

According to the Prime Minister's Office, the project cost more than Rs 220 crore to develop. The Test Bed would create a supporting ecosystem for Indian industry and entrepreneurs, allowing them to validate their 5G and next-generation technologies products, prototypes, solutions, and algorithms.

Vaishnaw also inspected the Egmore (MS) Railway Station and the Egmore Metro Rail Station in Chennai.

"The redevelopment of all large and medium-sized railway stations is planned. The railway stations in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, and Rani Kamlapati, Madhya Pradesh, are now world-class "he stated.