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Karti Chidambaram was summoned by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Wednesday to join the investigation into a new case filed against him and others for allegedly assisting Chinese people in obtaining visas by circumventing procedures. IANS cited a CBI source as stating, "Karti has been called to appear on Wednesday by 11 a.m. at our New Delhi headquarters."

S Bhaskararaman, Karti's chartered accountant, is being detained by the CBI, and it's possible that Karti will be confronted with him. In this case, the CBI has recovered 65,000 emails that will be utilized as evidence.

A sales deed, which was discovered during raids, is also important in the case. The deed is for a property purchased in Jor Bagh, and the power of attorney is in Bhaskararaman's name, despite the fact that the property was purchased by Karti and his mother.

According to the FIR, Talwandi Sabo Power Limited, a private company situated in Mansa (Punjab), paid Rs 50 lakh to an intermediary to secure Chinese nationals visas, which would assist the company finish a project ahead of schedule.

"The private corporation was constructing a 1,980 MW thermal power plant, with the work being outsourced to a Chinese company. The project's completion date had passed. To avoid being penalized for the delay, the private company was attempting to bring more and more Chinese professionals to its site, for which it required project visas in excess of the Ministry of Home Affairs' limit "a CBI officer said

According to the official, a representative of the private company approached a person in Chennai through a close associate for the stated reason, and they devised a back-door plan to circumvent the visa ceiling by obtaining authorization to re-use the 263 project visas allotted to the said Chinese company.