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In an alleged hate speech case, a Kerala district court sentenced senior lawmaker and former MLA PC George to 14 days in judicial jail on Thursday. On Wednesday, he was arrested by Kerala Police in connection with an alleged hate speech case.

PC George was granted interim bail by the Kerala High Court on Monday in connection with another hate speech case that occurred on May 8 at the Mahadeva Temple in Vennala, Ernakulam district. The arrest was made in relation to an alleged hate speech he delivered against Muslims on April 30 at the Anantapuri Hindu Maha Sammelan in Thiruvananthapuram.

He was hospitalised to the general hospital in Ernakulam on the way to Thiruvananthapuram because he felt poorly, but the journey proceeded shortly after.

George remarked, "I haven't done anything that isn't in the best interests of the country. I don't need the votes of anyone who isn't a patriot. I haven't committed any criminal acts. I respect the law, which is why I'm cooperating. I haven't made any mistakes."

On the route to Thiruvananthapuram, he was admitted to a general hospital in Ernakulam due to illness, but the voyage resumed soon after.

George commented, "I haven't done anything that isn't in the country's best interests. I don't need anyone who isn't a patriot's vote. I haven't done anything wrong in my life. I'm cooperating because I respect the law. There haven't been any errors on my part."