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According to ANI, Telangana BJP chief and Karimnagar MP Bandi Sanjay Kumar has stated that if 'Ram Rajya' is established in the country, the Urdu language will be completely banned. A parallel was also drawn by the BJP leader between madrasas and bomb blasts across the country. Madrasas, according to the Karimnagar BJP MP, have become terrorist training camps.

"If 'Rama Rajya' arrives, we will entirely outlaw the Urdu language," the BJP leader stated during a rally in Karimnagar on Wednesday. Wherever there are bomb blasts in the country, it is because Madrasas have become terrorist training camps... "We need to figure out who they are."

In response to the Gyanvapi mosque dispute, Kumar stated that Shivlings can be found wherever mosque grounds are investigated. "I'm challenging (AIMIM chairman) Owaisi to dig up all of the state's mosques. You (Muslims) will claim the bodies if they are discovered. If you come across a Shivaling, please give it to us. Are you willing to accept it? "He inquired.

On Wednesday, the BJP MP made these statements while speaking during the Hindu Ekta Yatra in Karimnagar. On the direction of a local Varanasi court, the Gyanvapi mosque, where a 'Shivling' is said to have been discovered, was recently surveyed.

Various Hindu deity symbols, such as Lotus, Swastikas, Kalash, and Trishul, were purportedly discovered during the survey. According to the Muslim side, the Shivling discovered there is a fragment of a fountain.

The survey's findings have sparked a flurry of petitions in other areas where Hindus claim mosques have been erected on temple grounds.