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The mastermind of the murder was apprehended on suspicion of plotting to assassinate the TMC MLA. According to sources, the accused plotted to assassinate the MLA from behind bars. Paresh Ram Das, a Trinamool MLA from Canning West, reported to the police on May 18 that he was the target of a murder plot. Following this, the police conducted an investigation and detained Chiranjit Haldar alias Chiran, a criminal accused of plotting to murder the MLA. Six months ago, Chiran and his friends were suspected of assassinating Trinamool politician Kamal Mullick in Canning. During the investigation of the incident, Canning police apprehended four people, including the primary culprit, Chiran. Chiran is sentenced to prison. According to sources, the plan is to  kill MLA Paresh Ram Das was hatched while he was in jail.

Chiran was recently released on bond. Chiran allegedly plotted to assassinate Canning West MLA while incarcerated. He had escorted a young man named Monirul from Basanti after being released on bail. Monirul, the same young man, called MLA Paresh Ram Das a few days ago to inform him of the plot to murder him. After that, the MLA went to the cops. The MLA filed a complaint with the Superintendent of Police of the Baruipur Police District, the Canning Police Station, and other officials. The accused, according to Paresh Ram Das, are BJP sympathisers.