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According to police, a Nigerian man assaulted pedestrians with a knife near south Mumbai's Churchgate district yesterday, injuring at least 8 persons.

According to Dilip Sawant, Additional Commissioner of Police South Mumbai, the incident occurred at Tata Garden near Parsi Well, when a 50-year-old Nigerian man named John was sitting with a woman when he abruptly stood up, drew out his knife, and began assaulting bystanders.

According to the police, at least seven to eight people were hurt in the event, with one person reportedly in critical condition. The police arrived on the scene after getting the information and arrested the man as well as seizing the knife.

Blood streaks can be seen on the road where the event occurred in a video that has gone viral. For treatment, the injured were brought to a government hospital.

The attack's motive is unknown, and an investigation is underway.