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Police reported today that 36 persons have been arrested in connection with the violence that erupted in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, on Friday following purported insults to Prophet Muhammad made by a BJP spokesperson.

Officials claimed the arrests were made after police combed through camera footage to identify those involved in the assault, which left more than 40 people injured. Three First Information Reports, or FIRs, have been filed in the case against unknown people.

"As a result of the footage, more persons are being identified," stated Police Commissioner Vijay Singh Meena.

According to him, the conspirators will face charges under the Gangster Act, and their property will be seized.

To maintain law and order and prevent any unforeseen incidents, the city has been heavily armed.

After Friday prayers, members of two groups battled and flung stones at one other in Kanpur, in response to a request to shut down marketplaces in protest of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesperson Nupur Sharma's alleged remarks against Prophet Mohammed during a recent news debate on the Gyanvapi issue.

The fights injured thirteen police officers and thirty other persons from both sides, according to officials.