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According to Gurgaon police, a 22-year-old lady was stabbed to death today by her live-in partner, who suspected her of cheating on him.

This morning in Gurgaon's Rathiwas village, an event occurred.

According to the authorities, the accused called the police and notified them of the murder he had done, after which he was detained.

Police also recovered the kitchen knife used in the crime. At Gurgaon's Bilaspur police station, a FIR or police case has been filed, and the accused is being questioned.

The woman was a native of Haryana's Palwal district, according to police, while the 25-year-old accused, named as Rahul, also known as Sonu, is from Haryana's Rewari district.

The woman had divorced her husband three years previously, she and accused (Sonu) began living together after that. They had been staying in Rewari district before moving to a leased room in Gurgaon just a few days ago, according to the police.

Sonu, a painter, told police at around 8 a.m. today that he had slain his live-in spouse, according to a senior police official. He stabbed her in the neck three times. When the police arrived, she was discovered laying in a pool of blood with the accused seated close to her body.

The body was taken into custody by police, and the accused was apprehended, confessing to the murder.

"She was suspected of cheating by the accused. This morning, the two got into a fight about the same subject. The accused attacked her with a kitchen knife and fatally stabbed her. We've taken the accused into custody and are questioning him "Inspector Ajay Malik, Bilaspur Station House Officer (SHO), said